Dreams do come true for Brendan Fraser. The actor who moved away from the spotlight a few years ago has received the Oscar for Best Actor for playing Charlie in The Whale, a film by Darren Aronofsky. In it, Fraser plays a literature professor whose morbid obesity makes life difficult for him. A critically acclaimed film with a stellar performance.

Fraser competed for the golden statuette with industry greats such as Colin Farrell for his role in Inisherin’s Banshee or Austin Butler for Elvis. Likewise, he managed to beat out young Paul Mescal for his role in Aftersun and Bill Nighy for Living. After hearing his name, Fraser would go up on stage at the Dolby Theater to collect the Oscar from him, thus starring in the most emotional speech of the night.

Upon being announced as the winner by fellow professionals Jessica Chastain and Halle Berry, Fraser burst into tears and began his speech wryly: “So this is what the multiverse feels like,” he joked. Likewise, he added: “Thanks to the Academy for this honor and to our A24 studio for making a film like this.”

Fraser continued to show his most vulnerable side: “They have put their whale-sized heart so that we can see what is in our souls. It is an honor for me to be named with you in this category.”

The actor mentioned his hard film career, adding: “I started in this 30 years ago and things have not been easy, but I did have something that I did not appreciate until I stopped having it. Thank you for this recognition. I wouldn’t have had this without the rest of the team.” Finally, Fraser concluded his speech by thanking his children, his manager and his partner, Jeanne Moore.

He was already questioned about his possible victory on the champagne carpet, where Variety asked if he had a speech in mind, to which the actor comically replied: “(I have it) behind glass, in case of emergency.” Finally, he had to use it, causing more than one Hollywood star to shed tears.

Fraser already starred in one of the most endearing moments in cinema at the Venice Festival, where his role in The Whale was very well received by the public. After the screening of the film, the actor received a seven-minute ovation that left no one indifferent.

The Whale is a psychological drama about an obese English teacher (Fraser) who tries to reconnect with his 17-year-old daughter. It is a story of redemption whose cast is completed by Sadie Sink (Stranger Things), Samantha Morton (‘The Walking Dead’), Hong Chau (Watchmen) and Ty Simpkins (Iron Man 3). Critics praise Fraser’s performance, calling his role “the biggest challenge” of his career.