The world of streaming platforms is full of audiovisual content that can be consumed consecutively for hours, as long as one’s schedule is respected. The format that has proliferated the most in recent years is series, displacing movies with the opportunity to extend stories, plots and character arcs. Whether they are small productions with a few episodes or a large universe that spans seasons.

However, not all series that usually premiere on television or digital spaces are designed to last forever, or at least that is the feeling of viewers in recent times. Whether in animation or live image, announcements of cancellations and shortenings of productions are becoming more frequent, with a lot of fabric still to be cut. A fact that is evident in 2024 as in previous years.

One of the most famous cases of this television season is that of Blue Bloods: Police Family. The CBS production, which had been on the air since September 2010, announced in November that it would not continue after its fourteenth season, currently broadcast. The announcement caused considerable anger among the production team, in addition to arousing contrary reactions such as those of one of its main actors, Tom Selleck.

“I think CBS can still come to its senses. We are the third most watched series on all open television. We won our night. The entire cast wants to return. And I can say something else: we are not falling off a cliff. We are doing a good series, we stay in our place. I don’t know, you tell me,” commented the American, during an interview given on the news of the network that broadcasts the series.

At the other end of the spectrum, series that start with great success but are quickly canceled, is Scavenger Reign. Despite having excellent reviews and scores on specialized portals, the Netflix animation will only have one season. A case similar to that received by another science fiction production: The Bad Batch of Star Wars, which will say goodbye after just three seasons.

Examples such as those from Young Sheldon or La Brea also appear in flesh and bones. The Big Bang Theory spin-off surprised everyone and everyone with its end after seven seasons, while the series about the great abyss of Los Angeles did not convince critics. You, Vikings: Valhalla, Umbrella Academy, the reboot of Magnum, Julia, The Good Doctor and Good Omens, among others, will not continue either.