Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are in the spotlight again. After getting married in July 2022, the couple has once again made headlines due to a possible crisis in their relationship.

Their last joint public appearance was on March 30, something that has set off all the alarms among fans. However, the actor has shown a detail that could silence the rumors: the name of JLo’s contact on his mobile phone.

As can be seen in the viral photograph on networks, the actor saves his wife on his phone as ‘Jennifer Affleck’, making it clear that the marriage is still alive. However, there is one detail that has baffled Internet users.

The images captured Affleck in the car with the singer while he made a call to his wife, something that does not make much sense since she was next to him in the vehicle.

This oversight could translate into an effort to quell recent divorce rumors by subtly showing the phone screen to photographers. Likewise, the interpreter has put on her wedding ring again after being seen without it in recent weeks.

The strong rumors of crisis came from an alleged source close to the couple, who has declared to the media In touch that they are going through a bad time and that they are going to couples therapy. ”Ben has already moved out and they will probably have to sell the dream house they have been looking for for two years. They will never stop loving each other, but she can’t control him and he can’t change her. There is no way it would have lasted,” the source explained to the aforementioned media.