They are the leading couple of today: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez once again make the covers and headlines in the media. The reason, the numerous rumors that point to a possible separation after their lavish wedding in May 2022 – later repeated with a fabulous party surrounded by their friends in August of that same year.

Almost two years of happiness, which many celebrated as the triumph of true love after the couple resumed their engagement, canceled almost two decades earlier. However, in recent days rumors have only emerged here and there indicating that the couple would have more than one problem that would be leading to an inevitable breakup. So much so that Ben Affleck would have already left to live in another house in Brentwood.

According to the TMZ portal, the actor was photographed in the exclusive neighborhood of Brentwood, in Los Angeles, where he would have been spending several nights in a house he owned. It is unknown if the actor lives in that residence full time, but he had already been in that home for more than a week.

The first rumors could have been avoided, but the singer only fueled speculation even more after liking an Instagram post about “broken relationships” last Thursday. Specifically, the artist supported with her gesture the words of couples therapist Lenna Marsak, who spoke about the challenges that many people encounter in relationships.

Among other things, where there is “no integrity and respect” or with someone who “lacks effective communication skills.” Within the carousel of images that Marsak shared, there are also statements such as: “You cannot build a healthy relationship with someone who lacks integrity and emotional security.”

The therapist also indicates that “starting a relationship is the easy part. Nurturing and caring for her is another story. Love is not a feeling. It’s an action”. She also adds that: “We can’t expect anyone to see us when we can’t even see ourselves.”

Despite these gestures and the rumors surrounding the couple, last Thursday Jennifer Lopez was photographed in Beverly Hills, and she was still wearing her wedding ring. The actor, photographed in Santa Monica, was also wearing his wedding ring, even though he is not currently living with his wife.

Last Thursday, US Weekly reported that the couple had decided to take some time, but had not separated yet; Jennifer Lopez’s increase in professional commitments being one of the couple’s main problems. Proof of this has been her solo appearances at events such as the Met Gala or the premiere of her latest film, Atlas. She was also alone on Mother’s Day.

For his part, Ben Affleck seems focused on his work and his three children. From what is said, Jennifer Lopez’s decision to release The Greatest Love Story Never Told, her documentary on Prime Video, which tells her love story with Ben Affleck, put the marriage to the test. The actor, sincerely, admitted that he did not feel comfortable with having such a public relationship.