Belén Rueda is one of the most popular and acclaimed actresses in our country. The Madrid native began her professional career in the world of acting in the 1990s, participating in some of the most legendary television series, such as Family Doctor, Periodistas or Los Serrano. At the beginning of the 2000s, the performer made the leap to film and starred in renowned projects, such as Mar Adentro. The Orphanage or The Body.

His latest major project is Caída Libre, a film directed by Laura Jou and in which Ilay Kurelovic, Maria Netavrovana, Irene Escolar, Manuela Vellés and Brays Efe also participate. In the midst of promoting the film, the actress visited the podcast A solas con… by Vicky Martín Berrocal this week.

During the talk with the designer, Belén Rueda opened up about one of her most complicated episodes: the loss of her daughter María in 1997 due to heart disease when the little girl was only eleven months old. ”How does one live after that loss?” the presenter told him.

”You go through phases. At first it is absolute denial that this has happened, you have the feeling every day you wake up that it is going to be there, that it cannot be true, you get angry and have a lot of rage against everyone in general, you think it is unfair. Because it is not natural,’ he began by saying.

Furthermore, the actress confessed that explaining the situation to her other daughter Belén, who was only 3 years old, was a very complicated moment. ”It seems like they don’t find out, but they do. Children until they are about 7 years old do not have the vision of the whole. I will always love you, it doesn’t work for them because the next day you have to tell them I love you. It will never come back, it is of no use to them since the next day they ask you where it is. Then you realize more deeply the injustice of something like that,’ she explained.

”That doesn’t happen if maybe it’s a grandfather who has covered his side of life and disappears. They don’t ask the same way. They are different ways of living it, they think it will happen to them too and they are anxious that you will abandon them. Because they interpret it as abandonment. Then you continually see these feelings around you that seem unfair, and you are angry at the world,’ he continued.

Likewise, the actress assured that her main reason for moving forward was her family, but especially her other daughter. ”Now, you have to grieve, and the only way to grieve is to talk about it. Really, there is no other,’ she pointed out.

Finally, the actress offered some advice: ”You have to cry about pain, think about it, have anger, other days hope… But there is a very nice phrase that I read: ‘Be careful that your joy is not made of glass and your pain is not made of glass. iron’. It is a phrase that explains to you that you have to feel the pain, you have to live it. But be careful not to extend it too much because you feel like you are betraying that person who is no longer physically with you. “She’s still with me, but in a different way.”