Belén Rueda is one of the most recognized actresses on the Spanish film scene. The Madrid native amassed great successes on television during a successful decade, before making the leap to cinema. Her great performance in El Orfanato earned her the recognition of all of Spanish society, before continuing to accumulate titles on her resume, one after another, until arriving in 2024 with Caída Libre.

The performer has been the first guest of the week on El Hormiguero, the Antena 3 nighttime program presented by Pablo Motos, to present this new film in which she plays an unscrupulous rhythmic gymnastics coach. During the interview, several anecdotes emerged between the two long-time acquaintances, including a confrontation in a tunnel that fortunately did not escalate.

Rueda claimed to be driving when a vehicle in front of her made a questionable gesture at her. “In life I am very sweet, except when I drive. One day, on the M-40, a car gave me a pass. So, I made a gesture to the driver asking him what he had done, then he stopped in a tunnel and so did I. We got off and I saw four guys coming towards me,” she said, feeling cornered for a few moments.

“I got scared, I think they recognized me, I told them to leave and I got into the car. They could have broken my face, but, in the car, it works better than when, you do something wrong, you ask for forgiveness,” she concluded, feeling relieved after this tense incident. Rueda’s story gave way to a similar anecdote by Pablo Motos, who also reacted in a similar way to an intersection with a moving vehicle.

The Requena presenter claimed to stand next to him at a traffic light, trying to ask him for an explanation of what he had just done. However, his anecdote ended in a much more entertaining way than Belén’s. “And he says to me, hell, Pablo Motos! Ehh! “He confessed, drawing laughter from the spectators present on the San Sebastián de los Reyes set. A facial recognition that the actress has also experienced on more than one occasion.

“The police have stopped me, they have given me a fine and they have asked me for a photo,” he acknowledged, on a night where he also opened up about his character’s attitude and what would happen with a parallel in real life: “Let’s see, it depends on where you are in your career. When I was young, I would go home broken every day, because it never seems like enough, and it makes you look ridiculous in front of everyone.”