After having celebrated the 14th anniversary of the program in style, the new directors of Mediaset have determined that Sálvame will end on June 16, news that has divided the public and has devastated the more than 50 people who work in this space, including the presenters.

However, as Lecturas has published, Belén Esteban is very positive. The one from Paracuellos de Jarama does not lose hope and she believes that the end of Sálvame is not definitive: “I think that somehow we will return”, she has assured her.

Mediaset has decided to put an end to 14 years of Sálvame history. On Friday afternoon, the outcome of the show produced by La fábrica de tele and directed by Jorge Javier Vázquez, Adela González and Terelu Campos, in addition to their extensive team of collaborators, was announced.

According to Lecturas, Belén, who was having a drink with some friends in the VIP room of the nightclub where Iñigo Onieva works in Madrid, was very grateful to some followers of the program when they approached her to tell her that they did not understand the decision by Mediaset.

However, the Sálvame collaborator was clear that for them this was not really the end and she believes that in a few months they will be able to return to work in some way. The one in Paracuellos exudes positivity and hope.

Let’s not forget that to help collaborators find work, Sálvame brought Javier Ripoll to the program this afternoon. For her part, The People’s Princess has updated her resume with the help of Ripoll. “My name is Belén Esteban, I am 49 years old, I have been an independent woman since I was very young and here I bring you my CV,” said the collaborator.