K-Entertainment has been buzzing with a mix of legal dramas, career moves, and personal news. Lim Chang Jung was cleared of stock manipulation allegations and apologized to his fans. NINE.i announced that they have resolved their dispute with FirstOne Entertainment, bringing an end to a legal battle that had been ongoing for months. Meanwhile, former DIA member Somyi received a two-year suspended sentence and 160 hours of community service on appeal for a false sexual assault allegation.

In other news, several artists made significant career moves. GRAY, Code Kunst, and Woo Won Jae formed a new group called Duover, AOA’s Dohwa left FNC Entertainment, and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri signed with Sublime Artist Agency. Kang Daniel announced the closure of KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT, while B.A.P’s Youngjae signed with A.COMPASS, and BLACKPINK’s Rose signed with THEBLACKLABEL. MOMOLAND’s JooE signed with Oneul Entertainment, 2AM’s Jo Kwon left Cube Entertainment and signed with ARCHIVE ACHIM.

On the personal front, Pentagon’s Yeo One is headed to the military, Kim Jae Hwan renewed with WAKEONE and will enlist, and OMEGA X’s Hwichan will enlist as a social worker while Sebin will serve in the regular military. YOUNITE’s Hyunseung announced a hiatus for personal reasons, and Yoo Ara, formerly of Hello Venus, revealed her battle with cancer. Yoo Ara underwent treatment after having a malignant tumor removed, and we wish her a speedy recovery.

In other developments, an ENHYPEN fan issued an apology after making inappropriate remarks during a group event, while some tripleS fans are reportedly boycotting members who do not live in dorms. RIIZE fans caused a stir by damaging a door at the airport, prompting reactions of embarrassment from onlookers.

Park Seo Joon’s agency, Awesome ENT, remained tight-lipped about dating rumors with Lauren Tsai, while EXID’s Hani announced her marriage to Yang Jae Woong. SPICA’s Bohyung also tied the knot, and Lee Yeon Hee shared the news of her pregnancy.

Overall, the K-Entertainment scene is abuzz with a mix of legal updates, career moves, and personal news. Stay tuned for more updates and discussions in the world of Asian entertainment.