Arturo Valls is one of the best-known faces on television in Spain, despite the fact that his beginnings were relatively humble. The Valencian became known in 1996 as a reporter for Caiga Quien Caiga, during the first stage of the program on Telecinco, before participating in various contests and series such as Camera Café. Being a presenter has been his most recent stage in recent years, particularly with formats such as Ahora Caigo.

On this occasion, the communicator launches El 1%, a contest in which participants must answer different questions that change in difficulty depending on the number of people who answered them correctly in a macro-survey. An hour before premiering his first installment, Valls stopped by El Hormiguero and submitted to Pablo Motos’ questions, in particular a very striking one about his television debut.

And Valls himself was on the verge of being fired from CQC after just one season. The Valencian explained how they called him after a year in the position and informed him of the end of the contractual relationship with a forceful phrase: “We have decided that you are a second-rate reporter on a first-rate program.” Arturo assured that both he and Motos knew the producer in question by name, but they have not revealed his name.

However, that decision did not coincide with the majority of people in charge of the program. Greater Wyoming and other CQC members stood up and confronted the members who wanted to fire Valls. From his point of view, the current presenter of El Intermedio believed that the reporter still had a way to go, and they did not want to get rid of him so soon. Finally, they managed to retain the La Punta native for longer.

Another curious story that emerged during the interview was the occasion in which Arturo was about to become an “Almodóvar boy.” As he commented, he was arranged to read the script for The Passenger Lovers, and received some instructions and notes from Pedro Almodóvar himself. The role, however, would not end up falling on his side. Antonio de la Torre would finally be in charge of playing Álex Acero.

“I was proposed for the film and I was present at two script readings of the film ‘The Passenger Lovers’ by Almodóvar, I already had a script where my name appeared. I did both readings, very excited, since he was there, but finally he told me that he was the right one for the role since he was looking for another, older physique,” ​​Valls commented on the matter.