The return of Ana Obregón to Spain is getting closer. The presenter and her granddaughter Ana Sandra are about to fly to Madrid, after the large amount of information that there has been during this time, in which it was suspected that her return was going to take place this May.

Now Semana magazine has been able to reveal that the return of the actress will take place in a few weeks. Specifically, her return is scheduled for June 14. So the presenter has these last weeks to finalize all the details of her expected return.

Obregón has been living in Miami since March in a rented apartment with his granddaughter Ana Sandra, after she was born on March 20 by surrogacy. A process that has generated a multitude of debates and that has made the front pages of all the media.

Now the presenter is going to have to face the media focus in our country, after being away from all the controversy for several months. But her return is associated with two main reasons, as Semana magazine has been able to confirm.

One of the main reasons for his return is the interview he has scheduled with Bertín Osborne in the Telecinco program Mi casa es la tuya. The exact recording date is not known, but there must be very little left for one of the most anticipated interviews on television to come true.

But another important reason, as reported by Semana magazine, is that his rental contract in the American city is coming to an end. The outlet states that the contract ends on June 16 and that will be when they have to hand over the keys to the apartment where they have been staying for all this time.

According to Lecturas magazine, Bertín Osborne confirmed that in the interview with the presenter all the details about the gestation process will be addressed. So much so that Ana Obregón herself confessed that she was going to tell everything.

In addition, the presenter clarified that all the doubts that there are in this regard were going to be asked in the program. Without a doubt, this interview, which has not yet been recorded, is one of the most anticipated due to the great commotion that has occurred in recent months.