Every day that passes, new information emerges about the controversy that has captured everyone’s attention this past week. The schism has been generated in the Catholic Church after some nuns decided to break all relations with the Vatican and join the Pious Union Sancti Pauli Apostoli order. One created by Pablo de Rojas Sánchez-Franco, an excommunicated bishop.

A decision that was promoted by a real estate issue. And these 15 women from the convent of Belorado (Burgos) and Orduña (Vizcaya) wanted to sell another building that they themselves had been in charge of remodeling, receiving the refusal of their superiors. A controversy that has been joined by other new ones in recent hours and that Alfonso Arús has not hesitated to comment on on his program.

As if everything that has been published and all the statements that those involved have offered were not enough, an environmental complaint has come to light against the nuns for having an illegal dog kennel. Something that the animal protector Proanbur put on the table, stating that the nuns’ request was “denied.”

Given this, Arús has not hesitated to show his interest in the subject and to tell how “good” everything that was happening was. “Yesterday new characters signed up, the dogs, because there is an illegal kennel, and then the mixologist, who now also officiates masses,” he said with a laugh.

“The thing about the dog kennel was finally discovered by the dogs barking, which alerted the neighbors,” he added. Given this, it was Angie Cárdenas herself who clarified that it was the neighbors themselves who alerted the police that they kept hearing numerous barking sounds coming from the convent.

“Well, yes, but this convent is a lot of fun,” said Alfonso Arús, before assuring that he would not be surprised if they could have something planted that could give the neighbors a “smell”: “Yes, because in reality shows they also sometimes have their contestants their small garden where they plant things.”

And it is these same neighbors who did not hesitate to speak for the Let’s See cameras. Among others, Mercedes wanted to express her opinion openly about what was happening to the Poor Clare nuns. “How could we imagine that some closed nuns who dedicate themselves to praying and who are lifelong Roman Apostolic Catholics, suddenly belong to a sect of a man who, when you hear him speak… is in the hills of Úbeda,” she assured.

Likewise, he did not hesitate to charge against Pablo de Rojas. “I call this one Jesus Christ Superstar because he is going to take the place of Jesus Christ,” he stated, making it clear that he finds it “laughable” that someone like that could exist.