Victoria Federica has become one of the most media figures on the national scene. And it is that she has been trying to become one of the best-known influencers in this country for some time, and little by little she is achieving it. Although she does not like speculation about her life, there are many headlines that she has generated over the months, especially her love life.

One of the people to whom it is related is Andrés Roca Rey. Although these rumors have always existed, they have tried to make it clear that it is a beautiful friendship. Now, the daughter of the Infanta Elena and the bullfighter have met again, but this time in a photo session. Of course, it has not lasted long, since Victoria Federica has gone straight to enjoy a vacation.

After work, the granddaughter of the king emeritus has seen fit to travel to Marbella to take a few days off. There, she has not hesitated for a moment to go to the Starlite festival, where she has met one of her idols, the pianist Ludovico. “It’s amazing, I always listen to you in my moments of peace. It’s very beautiful, so congratulations,” Victoria Federica told him in English.

And these words have created a stir in The Ana Rosa Program. “Surprising how badly she speaks English. She doesn’t speak it well. This girl has no idea,” Alessandro Lequio began to recount, in one of his controversial opinions.

Given this, the rest of the collaborators have done nothing but defend the young woman. “It is one thing that she does not pronounce very well, but to know, she knows,” Adriana Dorronsoro has assured. But Lequio has done nothing but compare himself with Victoria Federica. “Joaquín and I speak a lot of English because I am Italian and I have been educated in England,” said the commentator.

Immediately, one of the collaborators has offered the count the possibility of giving classes to the ‘influencer’, but he has been very clear: “I am not for that.”

“It is not the same to learn a language from a young age than later when you are older, that you will never have a good pronunciation,” Ana Rosa Quintana herself has tried to defend. Even so, Alessandro Lequio did not want to lower the intensity. “Never, ever. He says ‘in the moument’ or ‘pee'”, he concluded with a laugh.

Despite everything, Victoria Federica is oblivious to the criticism she may receive and prefers to focus on her work and private life. Although what she did not hesitate to do is congratulate her brother, Froilán, on his 25th birthday.

Last Monday, July 17, the daughter of the Infanta Elena surprised her followers by sharing an image of her with her brother when they were little to celebrate their most special day. “Millions of congratulations my child. I love you,” published the ‘influencer’. It seems that the brothers are closer than ever.