A few weeks ago, content creator Ju Elías assured on her social networks that Aitana Ocaña and Sebastián Yatra had enjoyed a nice date in the Madrid capital for Valentine’s Day. Days later, journalist Abel Planelles, specialized in issues of the heart, revealed that Aitana and Yatra were traveling together in Iceland and shared some of the images that had come to him of the supposed ‘lovebirds’.

In these photographs you could see Aitana with her new haircut next to the Colombian singer. Both decided to go to the Nordic country during the northern lights season, a romantic plan that, although it does not confirm that they have resumed their romantic relationship, makes it clear that there is no type of tension between them and that they maintain a beautiful friendship.

While hundreds of fans of the artists were looking for clues about the whereabouts of their idols on platforms and social networks, journalist Paloma Barrientos brought an exclusive to the Telecinco Fiesta program that seems to confirm what was expected.

”I don’t know if they have returned, but on Saturday, at 3:46 p.m., they were at London Heathrow airport (…) They were both hand in hand, they sat in front of everyone, he went to buy a bottle of water and some sandwiches (…) Are they together? Well, I don’t know, but they did go hand in hand…”, the Mediaset España collaborator explained animatedly to the astonishment of Emma García and the rest of the commentators present on set.

”We don’t know if they are together, but there is at least a rapprochement,” the program host stated before Barrientos cut her off and made her understand that she has more information that she still cannot reveal: ”I’m just telling you that “Long live love!”

While everyone seemed happy and happy about this sentimental turn in the singers’ lives, Alexia Rivas made a face and tried to give her opinion to make it clear that, sometimes, second chances do not come to fruition.

At the end of last November, after endless rumors and gossip on social networks, the Tacones Rojos singer confirmed the breakup with the Catalan woman while officially confirming their relationship, since they had never before admitted that they were having a relationship. a courtship as such: ”At this moment we are both single.

The desire of the protagonists to keep their relationship hidden for months always aroused a lot of curiosity in fans and in the specialized press, since there were images of both of them on a trip, in an affectionate attitude, etc. On the other hand, many followers defended online that Ocaña had just gotten out of a relationship and that he did not want to divert media attention from his professional career.