This week, one of the general audience’s favorite music festivals is being held in Malmö, Sweden: Eurovision. Last Tuesday the first semi-final was held and the first group of countries that will accompany Sweden and the Big Five (United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France and Italy) in the grand final on Saturday were announced: Serbia, Luxembourg, Lithuania , Slovenia, Ireland, Cyprus, Finland, Portugal, Ukraine and Croatia.

However, we are experiencing a very tense edition due to the participation of Israel, a country that is playing in tonight’s semifinal. A few months ago, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announced the decision to include Israel in the list of participants (it has been competing for many years), something that left fans of the format in shock.

Followers from all over the world complained and gave the example of the expulsion from Russia. However, on that occasion, the national television stations of each country exerted pressure that they have not carried out this time.

As reported this morning on the Aruser@s program on La Sexta, the situation is very tense with the performance of the Asian country tonight. The magazine explained that unprecedented police protection is expected and has announced that Netanyahu has sent the Government’s top security official to Sweden.

Alfonso Arús has given his opinion on the subject and has made it clear that he believes something is going to happen: ”We will see if this demand is later realized or not because we have already had some support for Palestine in the first semi-final and if I had to bet I think something is going to sneak in for sure.”

While some of her collaborators have made it clear that the EBU has silenced Eric Saade (a singer who performed last Tuesday with a Palestinian scarf on his arm), Angie Cárdenas has reassured the audience with a clear message: ”There is maximum security in the zone, on the perimeter.

Given the reassuring words of Cárdenas, Arús has made his point of view known by quoting the spontaneous person who got into the middle of the performance of Daniel Diges (Spain) in 2010: ”There is always a Jimmy Jump that sneaks in, since you will see”.

It should be noted that, during yesterday’s dress rehearsal (popularly known in the Eurofan world as Jury Rehearsal), the audience present in the stadium booed the Israeli artist without limits. Faced with this situation, the organization decided to use canned applause.