Every day thousands of people face the arduous task of finding their soul mate. So many choose to go to the most popular dating show on television, First Dates. But going on a blind date on the small screen is not synonymous with victory. However, the vast majority of diners who pass through the four walls of the space come with the hope of living an unparalleled experience.

This is what happened to Cristiana, a 23-year-old young man from Toledo who came to the program to meet his ”crush” (platonic love). ”I come to meet Laura, we don’t know each other personally, we have a mutual friend. “I saw her at a party, she caught my attention and he tipped me off that she was coming and I showed up so they could put me with her,” he confessed.

Carlos Sobera accompanied the single woman to a corner of the restaurant, where he wrote a note for his date. Moments later, Laura, a 26-year-old girl from Madrid, who claimed to be “a clown,” entered through the door. ”I like to make people laugh,” she confessed. After that, Carlos Sobera gave him Cristiana’s note. ”So she already knows me?” The single woman said. It seems that the person I am going to meet is very interesting,’ she added.

Seconds later, Cristiana appeared and they both gave each other two kisses. Laura confessed that she was not at all familiar with being single, but even so they both wanted to continue getting to know each other. ”I grant you the appointment,” Laura stated.

”It makes me a little nervous that you know me,” the Madrid native confessed as soon as she sat down at the table. After debating whether they would adopt a dog or not, Cristiana assured that “in two years they would be married with a child.” ”You’re going very fast,” Laura responded. And the thing is that the woman from Toledo really wanted to go through the altar. ”I loved her naturalness,” Laura said.

The date progressed and Cristiana revealed that she had been born in Romania, but at the age of five she had moved to Spain. Something that united them was her love for the mountains, but when Laura confessed “you can’t find bones on the beach,” her date was left speechless. ”Do you like collecting bones?” she asked him. ”I’m a little strange, I like things about the dead,” she confessed.

But Cristi was not far behind and confessed to having studied thanatopraxy. ”Work with death. “He is the love of my life,” declared Laura. In the final stretch of the date, the chemistry between the two was growing and that was something that they were both noticing. So in the final decision, both confessed that they were willing to have a second date.