Although the main objective of cycling tourism is to enjoy riding the bicycle, there are many cyclists who also like to compete. There are competitive cycling tours, but it is not so common to find competitions with more than one appointment outside the professional circuit.

The Bizkaia Cycling Federation has proposed to change this situation by creating the ‘Zikloturista Liga’, a cycling league where participants will be able to compete in 13 events throughout the year.

The objective of the initiative, in addition to offering a competitive experience to all those cyclists who want to fight for a general classification but have not been able to make it to the Tour de France, is to create synergy between cyclist events to promote the transfer of participants.

The 13 selected tests are a selection of cyclists with backgrounds spread throughout Bizkaia, although participation in these is open to everyone and it will not be necessary to compete in the 13 league events, each one may attend those tests they prefer. You know, if you are a cyclist hungry for competition, the ‘Zikloturista Liga’ could be your great goal this 2023.