All drivers do not use the air conditioning correctly, which is essential now that summer is just around the corner and so are the high temperatures. Strangely enough, one of the most common mistakes is turning it on at full blast with the outputs facing travelers. “It’s not quite right,” explains a TikTok user specializing in motor content.

As detailed in a publication, it can be turned on as soon as the car is started, but ensuring that the air comes out from below, from the foot area.

In this way, he continues, the renewed air will help to expel what is in our car, parked all day in the sun. “Hot air tends to rise, so you will have to open the windows to let the excess heat out,” he continues.

When we have completed this step, we can redirect the air conditioning towards the occupants and close the windows, he advises. The last thing, if our vehicle gives us that possibility, is to redistribute the air, so that it will circulate throughout the space.

Air conditioning uses more fuel, he acknowledges, especially in the city. However, he remembers that “at high speeds, having the windows down is more expensive than wearing it.”

Some users of this social network admit that they were unaware of all this information. “How do I get all those instructions to stay with me?” one asks. “I’ve been using it wrong my whole life,” says another. And most agree that it is not a simple process: “A lot of technology.”