The Audi A1 Sportback is defined as a premium class city car. With its 4.02 m in length, it is ideal for navigating daily traffic in large cities. Its compact and seductive design generates admiration as it passes by, without the need to resort to excessively striking details.

The smallest Audi is a car that seduces with its image. Its small dimensions are combined with elegance and sportiness, hallmarks of any Audi. Particularly attractive is the Black line, which offers a black styling package, tinted windows, black rear-view mirrors and 17-inch Audi Sport wheels.

Inside it offers acceptable habitability, although logically conditioned by its dimensions. The driver enjoys a sporty multifunction leather steering wheel and the equipment includes a front center armrest and a complete set of infotainment. The rear seats have limited space and the trunk space has a very acceptable capacity, 335 liters of useful volume.

In terms of quality, the A1 Sportback is above the average for its segment. The materials used are soft and exquisite to the touch, the driving position offers excellent adjustment possibilities and the information is available on a 10.25-inch digital screen. The touches of distinction can be seen in multiple details such as the aluminum applications on the door handles or in control elements, for example.

The equipment possibilities are outstanding and there are such attractive options as 18-inch alloy wheels, sports front seats, comfort key, Dynamic package, Bang sound systems

The dynamism of this car is outstanding. Light and stable, the driving experience is very satisfactory on any type of track and can be enhanced thanks to an optional package called Dynamic that reinforces precision and agility. This package allows for more energetic braking and adjustment of suspension reactions, thanks to its hardness-adjustable shock absorbers.

The Audi drive select that allows you to choose between four driving modes, called auto, dynamic, efficiency and individual. In this way, the driver achieves perfect adaptation of the vehicle to his preferences and needs at all times. In the city it performs with great solvency, supported by a notable turning radius of 10.6 meters.

The tested version 30 TFSI S tronic, the most in demand in our market, is equipped with a three-cylinder gasoline engine, capable of developing a maximum power of 110 HP. It is very smooth in operation and has an energetic response from low revolutions, especially from 2,000 rpm.

The automatic transmission provides excellent balance to the whole. This is the so-called dual-clutch S tronic, which with its seven ratios provides excellent management and allows you to always drive at the most appropriate rev range. In addition, it executes gear changes very quickly and allows its use in manual mode, including paddles on the steering wheel.

The A1 Sportback allows you to cruise around comfortably, thanks to its excellent turning radius of 5.3 m, and on the road it has an outstanding cornering speed. The secret of its enormous efficiency and agility lies in elements such as the lightness of the assembly, in a running gear that provides sporty sensations and maximum fun, or in the precision provided by the electromechanical power steering.

Another virtue of this car is consumption. Despite not having any hybridization – it has a DGT C label – the real average at legal speeds is always below 7 liters per 100 km, although logically it is somewhat higher in 100% urban driving.

In conclusion, it can be stated that the Audi A1 Sportback cannot compete with the usual prices in the urban car segment. He doesn’t even intend to. Theirs is a proposal of superior quality, with excellent equipment possibilities and superb dynamism.