Opel recovers the iconic Frontera name for its new family SUV. This is a launch of vital importance for the new stage of the lightning brand in Europe, in which 100% of its range is available in electrified versions.

Florian Huettl, CEO of Opel, highlighted the importance of the new launch during the world presentation event held in Istanbul: “This year we celebrate 125 years of automobile production at Opel. 125 years in which we have advanced relentlessly, offering customers innovative, practical and, above all, accessible mobility. “The new Opel Frontera makes a particularly strong statement in this regard: highly flexible, spacious and electrified, our new SUV will conquer new customer groups.”

Ideal for young families, the Opel Frontera is a spacious and versatile vehicle, one more step towards making electromobility available to a wider public. The combination of a long wheelbase and a high roof height allows it to offer a very notable interior space.

The Frontera is the first Opel production model to incorporate the new lightning bolt emblem on the front. The prominent wheel arches and sills, as well as the striking C-pillar, underline a robust and highly attractive exterior character.

The interior stands out for its simplicity, elegance and high level of digitalization. The front seat cushions are inspired by bicycle saddles and Opel claims they offer outstanding comfort on long journeys. Practical details also proliferate, such as the pockets located in the upper part of the backrests.

The new Opel SUV stands out for its cargo capacity, offering 480 liters of trunk volume that has a two-height floor. With the seats folded down, the capacity increases to almost 1,600 liters. Additionally, it will be possible to transport up to 240 kg if you opt for versions equipped with roof rails. To respond to all types of needs, the Frontera range will offer seven-seat versions at the end of the year.

Opel announces a highly competitive pricing strategy. The Frontera will begin marketing in the summer of 2024, with a rate for its access version in the Spanish market that will be below 24,000 euros. In the case of the electric version, prices will start at 29,000 euros, a figure currently corresponding to the German market.

The Frontera will be available in two trim levels, called Frontera and Frontera GS. Both equipped with the Smartphone Station, technology that allows the mobile phone to be perfectly integrated into the car. The GS trim equips the multimedia information and entertainment system with two 10-inch widescreen screens, integrated navigation and camera.

Thanks to its multi-energy platform, the mechanical offer of the new German SUV will be made up of two electric versions and two light hybrids. For the basic EV version, a range of 300 km is announced and in 2025 it will be the turn of a variant with higher range, 400 km.

The 48-volt hybrid versions will complete the model’s offering. They are equipped with a 1.2-liter, 100 HP turbo gasoline engine developed specifically for hybrid use. It works in combination with a 21 kW (28 HP) electric motor and an electrified six-speed dual-clutch transmission, standing out for its low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures. The Frontera Hybrid will also be available with a 136 HP 1.2 turbo engine.