A new survey found that most commuters to downtown Seattle opt for a mode other than driving alone.

The Commute Seattle survey, from the organization of the same name, looked at how people traveled to downtown last year.

And while the streets are still clogged every day at rush hour (and long before and after that supposed “hour”), it turns out that even with staggering job and population growth, the percentage of commuters driving alone has actually decreased.

Only about 30 percent of downtown commuters drive alone in cars, the survey found.

A variety of factors may have contributed to the findings, not the least of which was strong encouragement across the region to use public transportation. More commuters take transit than anything else, the survey found.

The survey details numbers that will probably warm the hearts of anyone hoping to see solo commuters go the way of the dinosaur. Click through the slideshow above to see all the details from Commute Seattle’s findings.

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