Taking into account the latest advances in batteries and energy storage, more and more mobility firms are venturing into the field of electric motorcycles. One of them is Segway, which entered this field last year with various alternatives. Its evolution continues and now it has unveiled its offroad-oriented Xyber moped.

This new two-wheeled vehicle, which was released at the last CES 2024 in Las Vegas, has notable qualities for off-road driving and integrates various intelligent features. One of them is the Active Scene Perception system, which is responsible for adjusting different parameters of the moped depending on the road conditions and the user themselves.

To do this, the vehicle uses a set of sensors to adapt to its environment. Among the possibilities offered by this system are the automatic turning on and off of the headlights when necessary, adjusting the amount of power delivered on the fly and even automatically locking the moped after parking.

When developing the Xyber, Segway specialists have also thought about something as important today as connectivity. Using a mobile application, you can consult route data such as mileage or speed, among many other information, as well as have functions such as an anti-theft system with GPS or be able to receive notifications regarding transit points.

The Xyber, which offers capacity for two people, is designed for trips of a certain distance on uneven surfaces. To achieve this, it provides a maximum range of almost 160 km and has a front inverted fork double damping system and a rear monoshock. The partially exposed frame of this 100% electric vehicle is striking.

The design is completed by a particular X-shaped headlight, a flat scrambler-style seat and wide tires designed to help absorb bumps and irregularities when driving on rough terrain. The Xyber is powered by an electric motor that generates up to 175 Nm of maximum torque.

Among the performance figures offered by Segway, the fact that this electric moped reaches 32 km/h from a standstill in 2.5 seconds stands out. As for the range, although the vehicle comes with a 1,140 Wh battery capable of offering close to 80 km, this figure is doubled with the option of equipping the dual battery configuration.

At the moment, the manufacturer has not informed about the price level at which the Xyber will be located, but what we do know is that it is scheduled to go on sale during the second half of this year. To see the moped in full action (along with the also new Segway electric bike, called Xafari), you can take a look at the video that accompanies this article.