Bicycle and Flanders are two concepts that are closely linked to each other. Surely this link has as its exponent the Tour of Flanders, a race with more than a hundred years of history and one of the five great monuments of cycling.

Despite this international sports showcase, the Flanders region offers the possibility of exploring its geography by bicycle. Its orography, mostly flat, together with other attractions, such as points of historical interest and great scenic value and delicious gastronomy, promise an experience to remember on two wheels.

Below we will tell you which are the 9 best thematic routes in the area ordered by their distance. Some of them can be original vacations with the possibility of visiting the destination at a different pace.

It is the most affordable of all. The route follows the banks of the Meuse River, between vineyards and picturesque villages, always very close to Dutch soil.

Along the itinerary there are different points suitable for bathing, ideal for moments of rest.

Bordering the North Sea, this stretch runs between beaches, sand dunes and vast polder-flat landscapes, not forgetting the Het Zwin nature reserve: 159 hectares of fauna and flora and a landmark for bird watching

In this sense, Biciland prepares a wonderful itinerary along the Flanders coast, to explore the landscapes and cities of the area, such as Bruges and Ostend.

An exceptional walk to remember one of the most important war conflicts in history. Following the western front line of World War I, you can see first hand some trenches, bunkers or craters caused by explosives.

A tour of historical memory and respect, especially in front of the dozens of military cemeteries.

This circular path, with a slightly more broken profile, embraces the capital, Brussels, and allows visitors to visit formidable castles and places with a long brewing tradition.

The lush vegetation, which gives its name to the route, offers landscapes full of green tones.

The combination of sport, nature and disconnection. Following the flow of the Scheldt River you reach cities like Ghent or Antwerp, already very close to its mouth.

The route follows an old coal transport railway line. Multiple deposits and mines of this mineral take us to times of the Industrial Revolution.

Brussels, Leuven, Mechelen, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges linked by bicycle. A large number of museums and emblematic buildings are the perfect sample of Flemish culture and architecture. Biciland offers a pack to travel to Flanders by bicycle, with the transfer of luggage and three and four star hotels, to enjoy an unbeatable experience.

Located in the south of the region, it runs through small hills, through rural landscapes. A long and perfect itinerary to soak up the gastronomy and landscapes of the area.

The most demanding and complete path proposes a circular route lasting about 15 days, depending on the fitness level of each person or group. A complete immersion to discover every corner of Flanders.

The options presented are just a preset layout. Each cyclist can make the modifications to the route that he wishes, such as shortening or extending the routes. In addition, with all the information from the VISITFLANDERS (Belgian Tourism: Flanders and Brussels) office, no detail will escape you. On the other hand, in Biciland you will find many other routes to discover the world on top of the bicycle.

Now that you know some of the possibilities to get to know Flanders, are you up for a cycling adventure?