Despite the problems that the main cryptocurrencies around the planet have experienced in recent months, they are “an innovation that is here to stay”. This has been stated by a rosary of specialists in this technological innovation who are parading these days through the South Summit entrepreneur event in Madrid.

Among the most relevant figures in the crypto universe, as they call it in the sector, was this Thursday Vitálik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, one of the main competing currencies of the famous Bitcoin. Buterin, who participated in the event online, acknowledged that the volatility to which these currencies are subjected is very high and that this “is not the best time.”

Like the participants of the table “The bubble of the token economy” that was held on Wednesday, he defended that far from being a phenomenon that has punctured, it has “a great journey in the economy” and invited the technological developers who attended his conference to integrate the blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies are based in other applications of the daily life of citizens to facilitate their adaptation and generate trust. “In this way, it could reach the least developed countries on the planet.”

In a very similar vein, Richard Benjamins, Chief AI and Data Strategist at Telefónica, spoke this Thursday. In this case, his intervention focused on the future of another of the most groundbreaking technologies of our days, Artificial Intelligence (AI). For Benjamins, the responsible use of technology, in general, and of Artificial Intelligence, is a challenge that both developer and user companies must take care of. “AI as such is neither good nor bad, it has no intention, its actions depend on the people behind it,” he said.

In the midst of so much innovation, the day was dotted with invitations to meditate and connect with the human being himself, a theme that, among others, was developed by the well-known businessman, Kike Sarasola or the former footballer Iker Casillas.