Bikepacking is in fashion. The possibility of traveling long distances in a self-sufficient way is a real sporting and personal challenge. Getting lost in the mountains and forests, traveling kilometers away from the big cities or discovering new paths, an adventure that every cyclist wants to face.

First of all, and in a simple way, bikepacking is considered a style of cycling in which the athlete carries all the necessary equipment to do the route. To do this, different bags are attached to the bicycle, for example, at points on the frame, fork or handlebars. Making a simile, it could be understood as the figure of a backpacker who is going to travel the world.

Being an adventurous activity, it is usually practiced with gravel or mountain bikes. In this way, paved roads and tracks in good condition can be combined with more broken roads and trails.

There is also the possibility of doing bikepacking with road bikes, as long as the itinerary runs along paved roads.

The equipment must be distributed in a balanced way between the different supports, to guarantee the stability and handling of the bike. In addition, all of them must have a good fastening system and waterproof properties, in order to face possible adverse weather conditions without problems.

It is one of the most common and the most accessible along the route. Brake and transmission cables shouldn’t get in the way of the handlebar bag, which already comes with the necessary clips and protectors.

To avoid vibrations, a semi-rigid shell is installed attached to the saddle and the post. Inside this support the saddle bag is inserted.

Its assembly is extremely simple. There are different sizes, from the smallest to carry small tools to the largest, to introduce clothes and coats. For the latter, it is necessary to check that there is no interference with the drums.

Both have different spaces to keep the equipment tidy. In addition, if the backpack and fanny pack have good ventilation and ergonomics, they become a comfortable and practical accessory.

Beyond these options, there are many other possibilities for uploading material. The amount of equipment will determine the number of supports needed, as well as their distribution.

Now that you know the details, are you up for a bikepacking route this summer?