The last RS 3 Sportback with 400 HP was already a marvelous car, both in terms of performance and sensations behind the wheel. But Audi can never have enough when it comes to offering unique and exclusive cars. Intimidating benefits. Highly technological image.

The RS 3 Sportback performance edition is indeed a unique car, more than exclusive and completely superlative. In a limited edition of 300 units, it also serves as a farewell to the glorious 5-cylinder turbocharged engine that has brought so much joy to the brand and owners.

It may be the end of an era, marked by the anti-pollution limitations of the European Union, a time in which we are heading inexorably towards the full electrification of the market. It seems.

In any case, the RS 3 Sportback performance edition surpasses in everything Audi has done so far in compact, let’s say, street vehicles. A luck for car fans created to enjoy driving.

More power, more technological equipment, aerodynamic modifications and price at the same height. The appearance is impressive, especially when seen from the front. It is wide and with a rear part finished off by the double oval exhaust and the black diffuser.

In fact, all exterior elements are finished in gloss black, such as the huge front grille. And the 19-inch wheels have an attractive cross-spoke design and are fitted with magnificent Continental SportContact 7 wheels. The curious thing is that the front ones (265/35) are wider than the rear ones (245/35).

Developed to provide maximum performance, the five-cylinder turbocharged engine offers an exciting 407 HP. It also has carbon-ceramic brakes and blue calipers, adaptive suspension and extraordinary bucket-type competition seats that support the body without letting it move at any time. No matter how high the pace of walking is.

With the third generation of the Audi RS 3 Sportback and the second of the RS 3 Sedan, high performance reached a new level in the compact segment. But this time, Audi Sport GmbH turns the tables and puts the performance at completely stratospheric figures for a car in this category: 300 km/h top speed, 10 km/h more than the standard version equipped with the package. RS dynamic plus. And it is capable of accelerating in 3.8 seconds to reach 100 km/h.

The engine goes up to 7,000 rpm, something unusual, and the power is transmitted to the ground through the quattro system and a sequential dual-clutch transmission, the well-known seven-speed S tronic. Of course, the paddles behind the steering wheel are still somewhat small. It seems that Audi wants to maintain discretion even in these details. And on the dashboard we find the inscription “1 of 300” that refers to this special series.

The feel of the car on the road is precise like a scalpel. He runs so much that everything happens very quickly between curves. But with a chassis and all the technology it incorporates, nothing is out of control. For example, negative wheel camber, the RS sports suspension with adaptive damping control or the usual efficiency, comfort, auto and dynamic driving modes. In addition to the RS Individual and RS Performance modes, both configurable by the driver.

Another notable device is the RS Torque Splitter differential, capable of actively distributing the engine torque between the rear wheels in a variable manner.

With a beautiful sound that invades the entire cabin, especially with the RS modes activated, it is a car that creates addiction when driving it. It is extremely stable and transmits a feeling of attachment to the asphalt like few cars.

The traction capacity of the quattro system is another of the wonders of this compact. It allows you to accelerate in any situation without experiencing harmful body movements. Always on rails. And with a precise address like few others.

To experience its enormous dynamic potential, simply activate RS mode, whether RS ​​Individual or RS Performance. These driving programs optimize throttle response, engine management, shock absorber hardness, gear response and torque distribution, in addition to mitigating the effect of traction and stability control aids.

And the seven-speed dual-clutch S tronic transmission works efficiently, smoothly if we want it or more abrupt in sporty driving.

The carbon-ceramic discs on this unit require somewhat harsh treatment with the pedal, but the braking capacity is superb. And without the slightest sign of exhaustion. Pure competition technology.

But the best of all is that this RS 3 offers comfortable and civilized treatment to its driver with the comfort or auto modes. Even in the city it behaves smoothly, perfectly usable on a daily basis.

It is evident that it is not a car designed to be used as a utility vehicle, but once again we must praise Audi’s technological capacity to make it possible. And, yes, it is very expensive. Object of desire, certainly, for collectors.

This special edition has a wide range of new design and equipment elements. In addition to the racing-inspired wheels and the RS sports exhaust system with black trim, the Audi rims and the RS 3 badges at the front and rear are also black, in harmony with the Daytona gray body color.

And the standard Matrix LED headlights and LED rear lights feature dynamic turn signals and specific staging. When unlocking the car, the digital daytime running light, composed of 15 LED segments, displays a “checkered flag” on the passenger side and a “3 0-0” on the driver’s side, referring to the limited number of units and The maximum speed of 300 km/h. Quite a detail.