A car ran aground on Tuesday afternoon on the shore of Oyambre beach, in Valdáliga (Cantabria). The car had to be rescued from the sea by a private individual’s heavy vehicle.

Likewise, firefighters from the Government of Cantabria quickly went to the area to assess the situation and, when they reached the shore, they were able to verify that there was no one in the car.

The individual with a heavy vehicle helped the troops remove the tourism from the sea. In fact, two firefighters, equipped with wetsuits, went into the ocean to attach slings to the car and be able to extract it with the help of the forklift.

As detailed by the EFE Agency, a couple from Palencia was traveling in the car and the reasons why the vehicle ended up in the water are currently unknown.

The Civil Guard has informed EFE that it will report the couple. In fact, it is studying several ways to do so: for alleged infractions against the Nature Conservation Law, the Coastal Law and the Road Safety Law.

The occupants of the car abandoned it in the water and were “in the vicinity” when the worthy woman arrived at the beach. The agents do not know that the driver was spinning in the sand before the car ended up running aground, as several regional media have published citing witnesses, who have also said that the couple went to have a drink at the nearby beach bar, The Yellow Bird, after ending up in the water.

Oyambre beach, two kilometers long, is located in a natural park, next to the mouth of the Rabia estuary, in the municipality of Valdáliga and a few kilometers from Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera.