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I have gone to the threshing floor at home, in the town of Altet, to see what birds I saw and I have only seen male sparrows. And then it occurred to me to propose this new visual challenge in The Readers’ Challenge of La Vanguardia.

And what are male sparrows like? In this photograph there are four specimens, all of them have a black spot, a beard, under their beaks, on their necks.

But, let’s get to the point. Now I am going to show you a photograph in which you must find all the sparrows that appear in the image. There is a bird that is clearly visible, right? Will he be the only one? What if the game has a cheat and only one copy appears in the snapshot?…

How many sparrows have you managed to find in the photograph? Just one? Well, I can tell you, so as not to deceive you, that more than one appears. And this is a clue, a little help to overcome the Challenge.

But, sorry, time is up. I am going to reproduce the image again, but this time I have marked the position of the sparrows that appear in the photo. Yes, there are two.