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In these photographs there is a vulture, but do you see it?… This is the new visual challenge that I propose to you today in the La Vanguardia Readers’ Challenge.

The game is simple. I have captured these four snapshots on the Camino del CanĂ³s, in La Segarra, a landscape in which a vulture appears. Will you be able to find it?

Next, I will reproduce the images, which I have ordered from the most difficult to the easiest. They are repetitive, I mean that once you see the vulture in one, you can see it in the others.

Have you managed to see the vulture? Yeah? Not yet?… I’m going to give you a clue that will surely help you a lot to solve this Visual Challenge. In this photograph you can see the vulture that we are looking for in detail.

Now that you have managed to overcome the Challenge? Was it easy or rather difficult? In any case, I am going to reproduce the four photographs again, but this time with the position of the vulture indicated. It’s the solution.