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In these photographs, captured around La Figuerosa, in the Urgell region, a corvid appears, but can you help me find it? 

This is the new visual challenge that I propose to you in The La Vanguardia Readers’ Challenge. I assure you that it appears in the images, but, be careful, other birds that are not the bird we are looking for can also be seen.

Below, I show you the three snapshots in which this bird appears, which belongs to the corvids (Corvidae), a family of polyphagous and often scavenger birds.

Have you already managed to locate the corvid? If you see it in one of the photographs, it is very likely that you can already find it in the others. What’s more, I’m going to show you some detailed images that will give you a clue as to where the bird is.

Now that you have been able to overcome the Visual Challenge? Not yet? Well time has run out. I am going to show you the three photographs again, but this time I have marked with a yellow circle where the corvid we were looking for is. It is the solution to this game.