Valents has given a new inventive twist to its Barcelona municipal campaign and has put the “products that Barcelona doesn’t need” on sale in the accounts it has opened on digital sales platforms such as Wallapop and Milanuncios.

The products. Among these “useless” objects are the radars that the current municipal team installed at the traffic lights of the main streets and avenues, which go on sale for one euro, the Maya Bee costume by Ada Colau, the book Barcelona, ​​capital of ‘A new state by Xavier Trias, the Manger in Plaça Sant Jaume from the last eight years, the concrete benches and the New Jersey blocks or the Center de Noves Masculinitats.

Valents also offers real estate properties such as Can Vies, La Ruïna or El Cubo for sale, although it warns that they are “about to be vacated”. Or the Via Augusta bike lane, although it warns that it is under construction, so the price can be negotiated.

The phrase. “In these eight years of the government of Ada Colau and the PSC, with the support of ERC, there have been many squatted properties, concrete benches, subsidies to entities and organizations that have done little or nothing for and for the people of Barcelona, ​​radars with a desire to collect money or bike lanes in unimaginable areas, to name a few,” says the formation.

The appeal. Valents considers that this Sunday, May 28, “is born the opportunity for the Government of Barcelona to stop being in the hands of those who want Barcelona to be Venezuela.”

“We don’t know what to do with all the nonsense and obstacles that Ada Colau has left us all over the streets of Barcelona. Help us get rid of all this!” says the group, which closes its message with a Trumpian hashtag: