With you until the end of the world. Rarely does such a short sentence contain so much content. We usually say it with an open heart to that person who gives us so much confidence that we are capable of making decisions that, a priori, make us dizzy. Investing our savings is exciting because it is strengthening a bridge to our future, but it is also scary. That is why non-professional investors seek to go hand in hand with someone they trust who knows them, knows their objectives and accompanies them to do it correctly and to their needs.

Banco Mediolanum has been advising families on managing their savings for more than 41 years. It has more than two million bank customers in Italy and Spain and, for the fourth consecutive year, once again achieved the best rating in the customer satisfaction survey of the independent consultant Stiga. And that is the pillar of the Banco Mediolanum campaign, which highlights the trust between each saver and his financial advisor, his Family Banker, to make the best investment decisions.

Investing family savings is not easy. That is why the figure of Banco Mediolanum’s Family Banker is so important, a flesh and blood financial advisor who forges a close bond with each saver, accompanying them throughout their vital moments. This professional establishes a close, lasting and trustworthy relationship with each of his clients. As in many other circumstances in real life, this long-term mutual knowledge forges a relationship of trust that, as far as finances are concerned, allows for financial planning tailored to the client’s real needs.

In this way, the Family Banker becomes like the financial coach who has in mind all the vital circumstances of his clients and how they can affect their finances: if they are going to have a child, if they have to face a medical treatment that requires availability of resources or if what you are looking for is to be able to pay for your children’s studies at a university outside of Spain. Also consider each investor’s means and whether there is extra income, such as a bonus or an especially good year in business. It is what in financial jargon is defined as the Financial Life Cycle of each client.

The natural oscillations of the markets, geopolitical uncertainty and the life circumstances of each investor create a cocktail of emotions and doubts that complicate decision-making when investing. And, of course, they require mettle to maintain them when the situation gets tough. That is why the path of trust between the saver and his Family Banker is so important. Because when it comes to family money, that capital that will allow them to buy a little house in the mountains when they retire or help their children with their first home, clients want to be sure they are doing the right thing. Even more: they want to understand – and not just know – all the information on the markets and, at the same time, feel that small impulse that encourages them to overcome the vertigo prior to taking flight as investors.

This is the spirit that sums up the campaign He gave me the, a play on words between the name of the bank (Mediolanum, me-dio-la) and the voices of various people talking about someone who gave them confidence, security, information , the motivation, the tranquility and the positive vision necessary to reach your financial goals.

Marketing experts know that the best campaign to attract customers to a business is still word of mouth. Nobody inspires more confidence than a satisfied customer or, as it is now known, ‘success stories’. That is why the very high score of Banco Mediolanum in the Stiga survey is especially relevant, where this entity leads 14 categories of the 18 included in the study (although it only participates in 16 because it is a bank without branches or ATMs). These 14 categories link to some of the attributes highlighted in the He gave me the campaign.

One of them is customer satisfaction with your Family Banker. The study reflects that 95% of clients identify with this professional. This personalized service receives a score of 9.08 out of 10, the highest in the sector for its availability, advice and frequency of contacts.

Banco Mediolanum also leads the ranking in the quality of the information it offers its clients on the status of their accounts and other savings or investment products, in its responsiveness and in the offer-price ratio for its range of products, interest and commissions. It also leads in terms of brand image. In this section, savers value their perception of solidity, solvency, modernity and the entity’s social commitment.

A satisfied customer is the best business card. And, without a doubt, a magnificent prescriber. They do not hesitate to recommend it to friends and acquaintances, a gesture that is worth its price in gold for the added weight of credibility that is given to something that comes recommended by someone they trust. This is confirmed by the Stiga Benchmarking, which measures the willingness of customers to recommend their entity through the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology. Banco Mediolanum passes the test with the highest score in the market: an NPS of 47.9% compared to -3.2% on average for the sector.

These are details that demonstrate the importance of understanding and being close to the customer so that they can make the best financial decisions.