The younger brother of the driver who ran over a seven-year-old boy in Valencia last Sunday has been stabbed in the Orriols neighborhood of the capital of Túria. Sources from the Valencia City Council confirm to this newspaper the stabbing and the victim’s relationship with the 22-year-old man with a criminal record and charges for other matters who turned himself in to the Police last Thursday.

The injured man has been urgently transferred to the Clinical Hospital, where Local Police officers also remain, without the severity of his injuries being known at the moment, reports EFE.

The Levante newspaper explains that the National Police is investigating whether this stabbing is related to the crime of which his brother is accused.

The child hit by a car on Sunday suffered head trauma, chest trauma, pelvic contusion and fracture of the femur of both legs; After initial attention at the scene by a unit of the Urgent Medical Assistance Service (SAMU), he was urgently transferred to the Clinical Hospital, where he remains hospitalized with a reserved prognosis.