The Supreme Court has not admitted the appeal of the Cava Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) that sought to prevent the Valencian cava producing area from being known by the name Cava de Requena, according to À Punt. Thus, the Supreme Court rejects the appeal filed by the Cava Regulatory Council, and Valencian cava may be marketed using the name ‘Requena’.

The ratification by the High Court of the ruling that favors Valencian producers forces the Regulatory Council of the Cava PDO to immediately modify, in compliance with the ruling, the specifications to include and recognize the Cava de Requena producing area.

The ruling will allow Valencian winemakers to differentiate their product in their bottles from cava of Catalan origin. Last week, the cava producers of Requena assured La Vanguardia that the group is going through “one of its best moments”, both in sales and in consolidating its image of prestige and quality in the national and international market.

In 2020, it was decided to identify the different cava-producing areas and the Regulatory Council did not consider it appropriate to consider the name of Requena to identify those produced in that town. Both the Department of Agriculture of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Association of Cava Producers of Requena and Dominio de la Vega, SL argued against this opinion, always according to information from À Punt.

In the first instance, the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid agreed with the appellants and ruled that there was no confusion between Cava de Requena and the name Utiel-Requena, as the Regulatory Council had considered, which appealed to the Supreme Court but has not been able to your request is admitted.