Espinaler 1896 started as a small tavern near the sea and today is known for its famous “Espinaler Sauce”. Over the years, it has transformed into a company that stands out in the gourmet world, offering more than 350 varied products. From canned seafood to aperitif drinks, Espinaler combines tradition with quality. With more than one hundred years of history, the company shows how dedication and knowledge passed from generation to generation have been key to its growth and success.

The secret behind Espinaler’s success is due to its strong focus on quality and maintaining traditions. All of its products, from cockles to vermouth, are made following traditional methods to ensure high quality. Thanks to this, Espinaler is recognized not only for its preserves but also for being experts in the art of the aperitif. The company, run by the fifth generation of the family, continues to choose and produce their products with a deep knowledge that they have developed over the years.

Espinaler’s story reflects growth and leadership. Since they launched their first “Salsa Espinaler” in 1950, they have continued to innovate and grow, without losing their essence. Now, Espinaler sells products around the world, including traditional preserves and new versions of its sauce, such as “Espinaler Chile Habanero Sauce” and “Espinaler Eco Sauce.” The brand continues to be a leader in the gastronomic world and plans to expand to more countries, such as India and Australia in 2024, showing that Espinaler’s quality and tradition can reach anywhere.

The first Espinaler location in Vilassar de Mar is where it all began, a place with a lot of history. Founded in 1896, this establishment was not just a tavern by the sea, but the starting point of what is today a recognized international brand. In this space, Espinaler began to build its reputation, offering visitors not only a place to enjoy drinks and food but also a unique experience that mixed the quality of its products with the warmth of its service. Over time, this place became much more than a tavern: it is the symbol of the origin and essence of the brand, reflecting its commitment to tradition and excellence in each product it offers.

Espinaler not only stands out for its products, but also for its ethics and social responsibility. His collaboration with the Institut Guttmann through the sale of solidarity products shows his commitment to society and the environment. This mix of gastronomic quality and social support underlines what makes the company unique.

Espinaler’s trajectory shows that it is possible to combine quality, tradition and innovation with social responsibility to build a globally recognized brand. With products like “Espinaler Sauce”, Espinaler continues to expand the art of the aperitif, always seeking to offer memorable experiences to those who consume its products.

Espinaler is not just a brand; It is a tradition that has been able to adapt to new times while maintaining its essence. With an offering that ranges from gourmet preserves to unique appetizers, each Espinaler product carries the promise of exceptional quality and flavor. Constant innovation, along with respect for traditional recipes, has allowed the brand to create a special connection with its customers, making it an essential part of moments of enjoyment and celebration. Espinaler, with its vision of the future and its roots in tradition, continues to be a symbol of gastronomic culture, inviting us to discover and share the pleasure of good food.