“There are always flowers for those who want to see them,” the well-known French painter Henri Matisse once said, referring to the fact that it depends on each one’s will to see and appreciate the beauty of life.

Although, in this case, and in a more literal sense, there will be no one who does not see the number of flowers that have grown on the soccer field in the town of Santa Llogaia d’Alguema, in the Alt Empordà.

In this series of photographs taken by Lluís Roura and shared in Las Fotos de los Lectores de La Vanguardia, we can observe the majesty of the flowers that have grown on the soccer field, with its goals and stands in the background.

“The town of Santa Llogaia d’Alguema has been left without equipment and, as we can see, nature has spread in such a powerful way,” explains the author of the snapshots. It is, therefore, because of the state of disuse of this enclosure that this peculiar phenomenon has occurred.

This is clear evidence of the reign of nature on our planet. Although we may think that humans are the ones in charge of everything, this phenomenon is good to remind us that nature is above. It will always find a way to spread and grow, no matter what is put in front of it.