The Centro de Creación de Artes Sécénicas el Canal de Salt, in the Gironès (Girona) plans to rehabilitate a space of the Gyxeres ships, next to the center, for the creation of circus shows.

The initiative is part of the new project for the equipment ‘presented last year. Management anticipates that this rehabilitation will be carried out over the next year. By 2024, the center plans to invest the investment item in the renovation of the former house of the artist Marta Font to convert it into accommodation for artists who make their residency at the performing arts center.

To carry out this set of actions, the Canal will receive a subsidy of 630,000 euros from the Generalitat.

A year ago, the Salt Channel was reborn under a new management model focused on promoting the creation of performing arts through artistic residencies. A year after the start, the director of the facility, Xavier Díaz, has announced that he plans to receive around fifty residencies from companies in different disciplines. All of them will use the facilities to carry out their projects.

Now, the Government has announced that it is giving a subsidy of 630,000 euros to equipment for its 2023-2025 action plan.

Díaz assures that this public support allows the Channel to “take steps to be a country benchmark” in artistic creation. This money is added to the contributions that the Girona Provincial Council, the Salt City Council and the Girona City Council had already announced and which, together with the own resources generated by the center, will reach a budget of 2 million euros until 2025. .

In all this time, the Canal will be used to carry out investments that have been pending. The first of them is expected to be put out to tender this year and will be the remodeling of the house of the artist Marta Font, in Salt, into a home for artists who reside in the Canal. This accommodation will be on the second floor of the house that the artist gave to the town hall

Starting next year, the director’s intention is to rehabilitate a space in the Guixeres warehouses to condition the space and promote circus creation. The director had already announced his intention to carry out this investment and now plans to carry it out throughout 2025.