The board of directors of the PP of Catalonia, convened to evaluate the results of 12-M and also launch the European campaign, served this Wednesday to the popular candidate, Dolors Montserrat, to launch the first messages. In a forceful way, and when the Amnesty law returns to Congress, she considered that this legislation will not only be the “condemnation of Spanish democracy, but also the condemnation of Europe.”

Dolors Montserrat thus maintained that the Amnesty law will mean erasing justice with “a stroke of the pen” and also the embezzlement and corruption of those who “dealt a blow to democracy.” The argumentative line of the Popular Party in this European campaign will have as one of the fundamental axes the denunciation of the amnesty negotiated by President Pedro Sánchez with Junts and ERC. And in this context, the candidate recalled that when Carles Puigdemont was being “ignored” in the EU, the socialists gave him wings.

For this reason, he asked the Spaniards not to believe the words of the PSOE, pointing out that they are not going to invest the Junts candidate. as president of the Generalitat. Thus, the criticism of the “tripartite process”, where socialists and independence supporters are placed, used in the Catalan campaign will continue to be a dialectical axis in the European ones.

For the PP, Pedro Sánchez’s policy is leading to a “humiliation” of Spain on the international scene. Montserrat, together with the president of the Catalan Popular Party, Alejandro Fernández, thus appealed to “go out and win,” and to mobilize the electorate. The board of directors also wanted to stage a climate of unity after the overwhelming electoral advance of 12-M, and set the first objectives in a Catalan key.

Faced with the complicated post-electoral scenario and the negotiations that are opening up for the investiture and also at the Parliament table, Alejandro Fernández warned that the mandate that the Catalans have given him is to expand the strength of “constitutionalism” and recalled his commitment to not support the Socialist Party if it does not break all its pacts with the independence movement.

A scenario that, three days after the elections, remains unclear. Or, at least, he wanted to send a warning to Salvador Illa: “The PSC is not going to deceive us, we will analyze facts and not promises, and today we are not liking the facts at all.” The Popular Party, therefore, will analyze the scenarios that can be addressed in the negotiations, starting with the composition of the Parliament’s Board and the presidency, with a magnifying glass. “We will not be panolis,” he said. At the moment, and according to the popular sources consulted, contacts have not begun. Yes, there was a conversation between Illa and Alejandro Fernández on Monday as a “congratulation.”

The president of the PP considered that the 15 seats of 12-M places his party in a point of “enormous influence” on the Catalan map. And he stressed that this project under construction must be the “common home” of all those Catalans who do not accept “nationalism in lesser or greater intensity.” For this reason, he appealed to the 22,000 voters who last Sunday supported Ciudadanos, pointing out that they will feel represented by their party. Some votes that would have meant, according to what he broke down, two more seats for the PP.

There were also messages in internal code and for the sake of unity. As will be remembered, Alejandro Fernández’s candidacy generated an intense debate in the PP, and once a result was obtained that strengthens him, he thanked the entire formation for their work, announced that he was putting the machinery in motion to expand the implementation in the territory. and was made available to Dolors Montserrat for the European campaign. The pending congress of the Catalan PP is still far away, and before that there is an appointment at the polls, or more.