The opposition to the PSC government in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat took advantage of the resignation of the mayor, Núria Marín, to criticize her once again. Some parties accused her this Thursday of abandoning the mayor’s office at the worst moment in the city. Meanwhile, she assured on social networks that her commitment to the second city of Catalonia remains “intact.”

According to ERC, the majority force of the opposition, Marín’s departure occurs after “more than four years with a government without direction, direction, or city project.” For Republicans, the resignation is the “chronicle of a death foretold” that comes late. According to those led by Jaume Graells, she had to resign to assume her “departure from functions” in the case of alleged corruption of the Consell Esportiu, from which Marín was legally exonerated.

“Marín flees from the problems that his mayoralty has generated and leaves the city at its worst moment,” said PP spokesperson Sonia Esplugas. An analysis, that of the worst moment, shared by l’Hospitalet in Comú Podem. According to the popular ones, Marín’s legacy is a “city that is more insecure, dirty and with more social problems than ever.”

The commons assured that the Marín stage has “more shadows of lights.” “These 16 years have been marked by subordination to construction and service companies, a fact that has led us to the current massification,” they expressed. “We hope that this new stage means a change of course,” added those led by Manuel Domínguez.