The Good Burger (TGB) has launched its new products to make happy those who know how to appreciate quality food at the best price. And, as the menu of the largest Spanish chain of restaurants dedicated to hamburgers demonstrates, savings are not at odds with maximum pleasure… On the contrary.

Thus, in TGB’s renewed proposal, the Bestial Burger stands out – its name says it all – and a promotion that, since March 12, the day this perfect plan was activated, has turned Sundays into a day in which, yes or yes, you have to visit these establishments.

Because? Because that day, and only that day, you can enjoy practically all the products on the menu for one euro less than the usual price. A real great Sunday plan to go out to eat, delicious and at a good price, with family or friends. Although, if you prefer to be at home, you can also use a very efficient delivery service.

Those responsible for TGB, from the Restalia group, are not only surprising their legion of clients, but, with this strategy, they aspire to gain followers. For all this to work, they have taken into account the preferences and needs of their most loyal diners. In no other way could they have improved their signature dish: the TGB Burger.

This product, the most requested in these restaurants, will have a larger version. The name chosen to present it is as explicit as it is suggestive: Bestial Burger. It is a delicious creation that, without any doubt, will end up being the star of the menu. Even the most demanding diners will end up surrendering to its excellence.

The Bestial Burger will not disappoint anyone who dares to try it because it offers double the amount of meat and bread, American cheese, tomato, Batavia lettuce and TGB sauce. It adds many secrets so that clients do not forget it and want to have it before them again. In any case, there are many other options, and all of them guarantee gastronomic excellence.

The Bestial Burger will coexist with the TGB Burgers in its classic format, and with the Blue Montain and the Crunchy ChickenLess VEGAN, for those who opt for a diet based on plant-based ingredients. Variety and imagination are two of the main factors that have led to TGB’s success.

It is evident that hamburgers and their companions and condiments are important, but we must not forget how relevant the bread is. It is the element that unites everything. Without him, the whole would not be so perfect. That’s why at TGB they take it so seriously. It is not in vain that their own recipe brioche is a clear hallmark. And it even has a vegan version, a sign of the restaurants’ commitment to their entire audience.

TGB’s appetizers continue to be irresistible: the Epic Chicken, the cheese and jalapeƱo balls or their onion rings, always prepared instantly. Users who decide on a salad will be able to choose between the Caesar, a classic, and the TGB, the house brand.

In addition to the new Sunday promotion, one euro less on practically the entire menu, with which TGB and Restalia show their commitment to their customers in search of the best value for money, the largest Spanish hamburger chain expands its 2X1 offer on Thursdays and includes more products to choose from.

From now on, you will not only be able to enjoy this opportunity with the single burgers, but the promotion will also be available for the rest of the burgers, including the special burgers: this way you will be able to taste two irresistible burgers for the price of one.

But the TGB revolution does not end here, since the chain has reinforced its delivery offer for those who wish to taste its products at home. And it does so with different formats, which will add to those currently in force. The well-known Big Boxes, or individual menus, will be accompanied by the tempting double or family menus, available on all platforms.