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I have captured these images for The Readers’ Photos of La Vanguardia del Pedraforca in the middle of clouds and morning fog.

In the accelerated video, recorded from Pobla de Lillet, in Ripollès, it gives the impression that the top of the mountain is smoking.

Pedraforca is one of the most emblematic mountains in Catalonia, located in the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park area.

Located on the border between the provinces of Barcelona and Lleida, it has a shape and silhouette that make this massif unmistakable, whose peaks are separated by a large U-shaped hill, the well-known “enforcadura”.

Its best-known view is the one seen from its eastern slope. At the northern summit we find the Pollegó Superior peak, at 2,506 meters high, and the Calderer peak, at 2,505 meters high. The southern peak is the Pollegó Inferior, at 2,445 meters high.