“The bulls will return to Catalonia, sooner or later,” said Victorino Martín, rancher and president of the Toro de Lidia Foundation, in the Monumental arena, whose clock is stopped at ten to three in the afternoon, perhaps on the 25th. September 2011, last afternoon of bullfighting in Barcelona.

We must have our lives spared: the Federation of Bullfighting Entities of Catalonia celebrated this Thursday Bullfighting Day, May 16, the death of Joselito El Gallo in Talavera

And even though it was a family celebration, almost intimate, with about 200 attendees, dozens of supporters of abolition were there, at the doors of the Monumental.

-Bulls and bullfighting, murderers! Murderers!

The Mossos guaranteed their right to demonstrate and at the end of the event in the square they forced the fans to leave through a side door. Not even for those reasons did they stop being rebuked.

–They are criminals, aren’t they?

A protester was seeking support from the Mosso who had asked her to retreat a few meters. There is no way to be right in this life…

Four kids practiced bullfighting, which so inspired Camilo José Cela. They liked each other, which is no small thing. The olés returned, the empty lines, the clock stopped, the Monumental faithful to its reason for being.

The Balañá gave up the square, quite a gesture. Bullfighting is legal in Catalonia, after the Constitutional Court annulled the Parliament’s ban in 2016. But what does the law matter in the face of the only tangible achievement of the process? What does the law do in the face of popular coercion or blackmail?

“We don’t care what they think of us. We are and will be the Catalan fans,” proclaimed Lorena Paricio, president of the Federation. And until next May 16, Joselito, unless they prohibit concentrations of three or more bullfighters…