María José, the mother of the minor accused of killing her stepfather, assures that she has been suffering ill-treatment for two years and that her son only intervened to defend her: “He has saved our lives,” according to the newspaper Sur.

After the event, the minor was arrested in Estepona accused of shooting his stepfather to death, but today his mother, concerned that her 17-year-old son is admitted to a juvenile center, tells Sur newspaper the “hell” that unleashed events.

The woman witnessed the struggle and heard the shot. “At first I didn’t know if he had shot my son or the other way around, until I saw him fall to the ground,” María José told the aforementioned newspaper. It was then that his partner, the father of two of his children and the baby he is expecting, began to bleed from his neck and died right there.

According to the mother’s account of the events, that night, already early in the morning (Saturday), the discussion became even more violent and “she stabbed me three times in the chest,” declared María José, who, after the event, She was assisted at the health center for three incised wounds, albeit minor. In addition, that same day, she also threatened her with one of the two shotguns that were in her home and even fired two shots, one on the roof and the other through the window in the hours before the event.

During the discussion, her partner wielded the shotgun against her, always according to her version of events. “My little children were in bed crying and my son (the one currently detained) the only thing he did was defend me and struggle with him so that he would not shoot me.”

María José insists that the homicide was in self-defense: “There was a shot towards the hand, but due to a rebound it hit him in the neck. The first thing we did was call the ambulance and assist him. My son was desperate asking for help, he even went down to the street because they were taking a long time. And when the police arrived, we collaborated in everything”, the mother explains to Sur newspaper.