Trinidad Palma, mother of the mayor of Badalona, ​​will become the protagonist on Rubén Guijarro’s social networks. The ‘Food with Mom’ format is launched, in which the mayor of Badalona and his mother visit various restaurants, with two objectives. The first is for Trini to get to know new dishes, new flavors and local establishments and the second is to promote the city’s restaurants by showing its products.

The promotional campaign will be disseminated through the mayor’s social networks, who declared that “all help is little for those bars and restaurants that have had such a bad time these years of pandemic” and added “what better promotion than to enjoy them in company of my mother”.

The first place they will visit will be the Tariq restaurant, a traditional Indo-Pakistani restaurant located at number 3 on Calle Baldomer Solà in Badalona. Google reviews give it a score of 4.6 out of 5 and it appears in the fourth position in the ranking of the best restaurants in Badalona on Tripadvisor.