The plenary session of the Girona Provincial Council has approved an extraordinary loan of 875,000 euros to renew 40% of the 613 fixed defibrillators that are distributed throughout the territory.

Currently, Dipsalut, the autonomous public health body of the Girona Provincial Council, has a total of 1,062 defibrillators in the municipalities of the province of Girona. Of these, more than half, 613 are permanent; 391 are mobile and the remaining 58 are assigned on a one-off basis.

With this commitment to deploy a wide network of these life-saving devices throughout the territory, the possibility of sudden cardiac death is reduced by between 25% and 30%, since the only way to avoid it is by using one of these defibrillators, which are They are found in streets, squares, facades of equipment or columns.

The initiative, which started more than a decade ago, had the intention of turning Girona into the largest heart-protected territory in Europe. The first devices were installed in municipalities such as Besalú, Garrigàs, Espinelves or Sant Julià de Llor i Bonmatí in 2011.

With the approval of this extraordinary credit, Dipsalut will be able to replace 250 fixed devices that either have completed their useful life or are beginning to present operating problems.

These are automatic defibrillators, which can be used by anyone and which analyze the victim’s heart rhythm. It is the device itself that determines whether or not it is advisable to give an electric shock to recover the normal rhythm of the heart.