The Spanish Football Federation chaired by Pedro Rocha has announced the dismissal of the football director, Albert Luque, who was already removed from his position weeks ago, when his name appeared as a defendant for coercion in the case opened in the National Court for the kiss. from Luis Rubiales to Jennifer Hermoso.

The dismissal of the former Deportivo footballer is not the only one that has come to light these days, but it is the most publicly relevant person. Rocha has also sent the dismissal letter to Rubén Rivera, marketing director, and José Javier Jiménez, known as “Jota”, from the Operations and People Department (chief of staff). Pedro González Segura, responsible for legal services, who was president of Gruconsa, the company that was in charge of remodeling the La Cartuja Stadium in 2020, will also not continue.

The dismissals have been communicated by burofax and are part of Pedro Rocha’s strategy to separate himself from the Luis Rubiales era and to provide the Federation with greater stability and credibility. Another who will not continue in the Federation is Javier Vich, director of the First and Second Federation.

All these movements are done by Pedro Rocha while traveling. Rocha has led the expedition of the Royal Spanish Football Federation that has attended the 74th FIFA Congress to be held in Bangkok (Thailand) starting next Friday. At this Congress, FIFA’s annual report will be presented and various votes will be held to update its statutes. In addition, the venue will also be chosen for the 2027 Women’s World Cup.

It so happens that González Segura and José Javier Jiménez were two of those detained in the registry of the UCO of the Civil Guard and are being investigated by the magistrate of the Majadahonda Court who is handling the case. Rocha fires them for this reason, due to their links to the so-called Brodie operation, a case of business corruption, unfair administration and money laundering in which he is also accused.