A year has passed since the death of one of the most recognized actresses and presenters in our country, Laura Valenzuela. Her departure left her family and friends with a deep void. Now, twelve months after her, her daughter, Lara Dibildos, wanted to honor her in style, and she did so at the Teatro Real Carlos III in Aranjuez, in her play State of Alarm. The tribute to ‘the great diva of the screen’ has been most emotional.

Lara burst into tears on stage when the character she played spoke of her mother’s death. The actress said the text visibly excited, feeling identified with the words. “Well, because I lost mine too. What do you think? That you’re the only one? My father abandoned us when I was a baby, I don’t know anything about him. And my mother. My mother died when I was 17 years old. “Do you know something? Not a day goes by that I don’t remember her,” he said.

The scene was most emotional, and Lara’s pain as she honored her mother was conveyed to everyone present. She did it the way she knows how best, on stage. Although, that was not all. At the end of the play, she addressed the audience and explained how she felt a year after losing one of her greatest pillars. “A year ago, on a day like today, I had just said goodbye to my mother,” she said. “So if they let me, I would like to dedicate it to them,” she expressed, unable to contain her tears. Then she blew a kiss to the sky and said: “For her.”

Throughout this week, Dibildos has attended various sets of some of the most notable programs on television, such as And Ahora Sonsoles and also yesterday he was seen via video call on DCorazón. During his speech, she warned everyone that the work would be dedicated to his mother as a tribute.

Laura Valenzuela died on March 17, 2023 at the age of 92. Spain’s first television presenter was admitted to the La Princesa hospital in Madrid. Her health progressively worsened during her stay in the hospital and she finally died. Her departure was a hard blow for those who loved her, however, her memory will always be honored by all of them and the public that was always by her side supporting her.