The emeritus king has reached an agreement with the Tax Agency to close an open inspection for receiving gifts from hunts to which he was invited after his abdication between the years 2014 and 2018, according to El Mundo. For which they required him to justify who paid for the flights and the expenses derived from the hunts that he attended when he was no longer head of state and, therefore, he was not protected by the inviolability that his position entailed. .

The Department of Financial and Tax Inspection of the Treasury sent Juan Carlos I several requests for information during the last year and opened a new inspection procedure, through administrative channels. According to the newspaper, the emeritus, through his legal advisers, “had not paid any amount for the aforementioned displacements in a period of time in which it was no longer inviolable.” In this sense, according to the media, the Treasury has prepared some minutes where the sanction is reflected.

The requirements processed by the Treasury Inspectorate do not reach the threshold of 120,000 euros per year, as a whole, from which the crime against the Public Treasury is classified in the Penal Code.

Within the framework of this procedure, not only is the justification of the expenses of the hunts and hunts required, but also of some smaller gifts that he received in a private capacity.