The incidents in the Rodalies network continue and it seems that the problem is going to last for a long time. Antonio Carmona, director of the service, has reiterated in El món a RAC1 that the difficulties in the Catalan train network could last up to two months. In fact, this Monday passengers will continue to notice the effects of the copper theft early Sunday morning. Carmona explained that they still cannot get to the Fabra i Puig stop with the R4 North, and they are organizing buses to try to ensure that people who are in Cerdanyola and Fabra i Puig can make their trips.

“The Adif and Renfe technicians have been working all morning, but normalization has not been achieved,” Carmona added. He has assured that they are informing passengers of the situation and says that, “beyond the logical complications of a copper theft, on the rest of the lines the alternative plan is being developed with a certain normality.”

Carmona acknowledges that he feels “helplessness” for the workers and citizens who cannot access the scheduled service. And he asks the Mossos to “end the scourge of copper theft, which is continuous in the Rodalies network and affects us all.” Specifically, the director of Rodalies explained that, in Spain, around half of the acts of vandalism like this occur in Catalonia.

Asked about a possible increase in security on Catalonia’s railway network, Carmona clarified that “those responsible for citizen security are the Mossos.” Therefore, he considers that the security that Adif and Renfe can add “is secondary.”

On the other hand, Carmona did not want to assess whether this Sunday’s robbery was sabotage to affect the elections or not: “It has to be the Mossos who determine it.”