A week after writing that the process had disappeared from the Catalan electoral campaign, Junts and ERC have thrown it over his head. Without regard, aiming where it hurts the most, seeking to cause casualties (at the polls). We thought that when the dinosaur woke up it was no longer there, but the truth is that they had simply hidden it under the doormat. What happened to bring about this change of plans? Well, in ERC they have realized that either they heated up the campaign more or they were not going to achieve the desired objectives.

Like the Ferraris in F-1, Ernest Maragall started well, but he has been losing positions during the race. And Gabriel Rufián skids in the curves. So the engineers had to go into action to get them to accelerate and grab at the chicane. It was Oriol Junqueras who proclaimed in Girona that 1-O was organized by them, who are the strength of the pro-sovereignty pedigree, while he accused Junts of being the party that “retracts, hides and is ashamed of the independence movement”.

Oops what he said! Hours later, at the central event in Manresa, Jordi Turull, Junts general secretary, broke out (it is a metaphor) like Bravehart after being wounded with an arrow in the battle of Falkirk: “Voting for our formation is the guarantee that ERC do not throw away the votes of 1-O, which the people defended in body and soul.

The thunder box is not only open but threatens to cause a fire in times where drought favors it. And as she passed by, Laura Borràs also reproached the Republicans for allying with the PSC to violate her rights as a deputy, without going into her malpractice, which ended with a conviction in court.

The independence movement has not died, but it is in poor health. No one is interested in finding a vaccine that will get it back. The struggle for hegemony is imposed above any romanticism, in the face of surprise (or disbelief) of those who embraced the sovereignist faith. But the result of two disqualifications is a zero-sum game, no matter how much some (and others) feel comfortable releasing their reproaches without regard.