The deceased baby found on Sunday on a street in the Madrid district of Barajas still had the uncut umbilical cord, so it could be two or three days old, a spokesperson for the Higher Police Headquarters of Madrid informed Europa Press. Madrid.

Furthermore, according to police sources, the baby, ultimately a boy, would have died from asphyxiation but had no signs of violent death, pending the etiology and date of death determined by the autopsy being performed at the Anatomical Institute. Forensic of Valdebebas, in addition to the toxicological report.

The agents of Group V of Homicide of the National Police of Madrid continue working to locate his parents and the non-hospital place where the white baby was born. Thus, they have spoken with the person who found the little boy searching through the garbage in a container area on Acuario Street on Sunday at noon, in the historic case of Barajas.

Also, the police have spoken with several neighbors and are analyzing the images from the security cameras of the place, although at the moment without many clues. And the cameras at the nearby health center and other establishments do not focus directly on the area of ​​the discovery.

On the other hand, since the baby appeared inside a bag from a well-known supermarket, investigators are checking if the parents had left fingerprints. And they are also investigating when and where that plastic bag was sold thanks to its barcode.

The bag was deposited between 10:30 and 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. Before 10 in the morning the waste collection service emptied the bins and the body was not there, according to the testimony of a neighbor who went down to walk the dog. The agents are also analyzing in detail the pajamas in which the baby was wrapped and the clothes that were nearby in case they have any traces.